DTC – Hardware Done

With the hinges and handles installed, the chest is practically complete.  I might install a lock when I remove the hardware for painting.

DTC – Inside and Hardward

I expect the inside layout to change as I start to use the chest.  Everything could be removed Tool rail Half loaded Back saw till Simple hardware in progress.  I think I will blacken them to simulate traditional blacksmith made hardware. The lid hinges are a little tricky   Next up is finishing the lid hinges…

Dutch Tool Chest – Fall Front and Lid

Installed the fall front.  Added the 1/2″ wide, 1/8″ rabbet for both aesthetic and to make the seams less visible.  The lid is three panels glued up.  I chose to use breadboard ends to keep the lid flat overtime.   It’s definitely harder than just screwing on a couple of battens.  It’s good practice and…

Dutch Tool Chest: Carcase Assemble

  beveling the top of the back panel to match the sizes   attaching the front.  A little glud is used to keep the board in place. The front and backs are attached to the sides mostly with screws to allow seasonal movements  beading the tongued back panels Using a pair of nickels to set…

Dutch Tool Chest in progress

Gang Cutting the dovetails.  It’s easier and faster than one at a time.   Layout the pins Dado for the shelf Assembling the main carcase parts Plowing grooves for the back panels Using my rabbet plane to make the tongues.