Dutch Tool Chest – Fall Front and Lid


Installed the fall front.  Added the 1/2″ wide, 1/8″ rabbet for both aesthetic and to make the seams less visible. DTC_fall-front_2 DTC_fall-front_1

The lid is three panels glued up.  I chose to use breadboard ends to keep the lid flat overtime.   It’s definitely harder than just screwing on a couple of battens.  It’s good practice and I think it looks better.

DTC_lid_5 DTC_lid_4

The groove and mortise for one of the ends.  Only the middle mortise/tenon will be glued and drawbored.  The groove and outside tenons will remind ‘loose’ to allow for seasonal movement.


Fitting the ends was a bit of a pain.  Since the lid would be the most visible part of the chest, I tried to be as perfect a possible.  The end boards were left long, so I can knock them out with easily.

DTC_lid_2 DTC_lid_1

Should have the lid finished in a few evenings.  Including the draw bores, making the ends flush with the panel, and create some sort of molding for looks.

Next up is deciding on the internal layout for the tools.


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